Anxiety: Beyond A State of Nervousness

Most people feel uneasy at times in their life. However, for many people the feeling goes beyond a mere case of nervousness. Anxiety can be a mystery to people who don’t battle with it. It can also be a lonely experience for people who do suffer from it.

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Unfriending In Real Life

Social media makes interacting with people impersonal. When you decide you don’t want to continue interacting with someone, it’s as simple as the click of a button from the comfort of wherever you are. Unfriending someone in real life is not as clean-cut as this. It’s personal and uncomfortable. It’s messy and awkward.

I unfortunately had to experience this very recently.

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Why Kindergarten Is The Toughest Grade To Teach

Teaching Kindergarten seems like an easy job to some. Playing, singing, learning to read, count and draw. Not much to it. I, too, believed that teaching Kindergarten was an easy job. That was until I visited my daughter’s classroom one day to observe my child.

While I was in the class, I observed much more than just my own child. I took time to observe the whole classroom. I realized that day that Kindergarten teachers teach the toughest age group.

Here’s why:

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The Last First – The End of an Era

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was sniffing the fresh, new-baby scent from the scalp of my oldest. Now, I am scalp-sniffing my last, who is no longer fresh and new. I can’t help but linger, still taking in the smell of her sweet little head.

Although I love each of my kids equally, I find myself holding on to each moment and each phase of life a little longer with my youngest.

Because she is my last.

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Creative Easter Baskets That Aren’t Boring

Lately, I’ve been more interested in using my creative talents to plan holidays, birthday parties and even decorate my house. Easter is a great time to get creative. The seasons are changing, flowers are coming back into bloom and spring colors are always bright and cheery.

Filling gift baskets for the kids is one way to have fun. Creating unique baskets to fill can be fun too. I set out on a mission to think of a few new, creative baskets to fill for Easter. I’m a little obsessed with rustic decor, so obviously I had to make some rustic looking baskets.

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