Can We Please Stop Making An Issue Out Of Breastfeeding In Public?

Unfortunately, breastfeeding in public is still a sore spot for people. Many people don’t give a second thought to the sight of a woman breastfeeding her baby. Some people take particular notice, but still don’t have an issue with it. Others, however, are strongly opinionated that in public, whether using a cover or not, is no place for a mom to breastfeed her baby.

It’s a topic that’s been bled dry, but for some reason continues to be an issue. Seemingly, the reason is always the same – women’s breasts are sexual and shouldn’t be “out there” for everyone to see. Yes, breasts are considered a sexual, but they are first and foremost a means to feed a baby.

Mothers are judged harshly for many decisions they make, feeding being one of them. As the saying goes, breast is best, so when a mom chooses formula society judges her for not making the best choice for her baby. Contradictory, when a mom chooses to breastfeed, we shame her for it and tell her to hide to do it.


Everyone woman has their own comfort level.  Some choose to sit it a quiet area and cover themselves while nursing. Other women are comfortable sitting anywhere without covering. To each their own. I find that people who are going to stare, stare equally as hard at women with a cover because they know they’re nursing and it’s apparently strange to do so.

Women have been told to cover up or excuse themselves to a bathroom or where-have-you because someone isn’t comfortable with them nursing in the open. Well, how does this sound – why don’t you pack up your shit and sit in the bathroom to eat, drink your coffee or text so you don’t have to watch me nurse instead of me taking my baby, who might I mention is highly susceptible to infection, to a dirty washroom to eat? Why don’t you grab that sweater or coat of yours and throw it on over your head so you don’t have to watch me nurse instead of me burying my baby in a blanket she refuses to stop yanking at (which by the way, it gets hot AF under there – so enjoy the muggy air)? Better yet, why don’t you just myofb and carry on as you were and I will do the same because quite frankly, your staring is making me uncomfortable.


Let me be clear about something – it is not my job to make everyone around me comfortable. Period. I’m not running amok through parks, malls, restaurants and streets boobs out. I’m not sitting in wait in a trench coat waiting to expose my breasts to my next victim. I’m not looking to attract a man’s attention, or any attention for that matter. I’m not making an announcement that I’m about to pull out my breast for whoever wants to see it. I’m discreetly sliding out a breast to feed my baby.

Unfortunately, there will likely be no end to breastfeeding shaming any time soon.  We have laws that protect women from harassment, yet there are still people who can’t seem to keep their comments to themselves. The best we can do is support those moms out there who are in the same shoes.

Have you ever experienced shaming? How did you handle it? Share below.

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