Anxiety: Beyond A State of Nervousness

Most people feel uneasy at times in their life. However, for many people the feeling goes beyond a mere case of nervousness. Anxiety can be a mystery to people who don’t battle with it. It can also be a lonely experience for people who do suffer from it.

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Diastasis Recti – Why Post-Pregnancy Exercising Can Cause More Damage

When a woman gets pregnant, the focus of every doctor appointment is obviously the health of the baby and mom. As the pregnancy progresses, so do the changes of her body.

So much emphasis is put on getting stretch marks and gaining weight that they seem to become the main focus around post-pregnancy self care. Women flock to buy stretch mark creams to diminish the look of stretch marks they received during their pregnancy. They eagerly await their 6 week check-up to get the go ahead to start working out and drop those extra pregnancy pounds.

But what if working out was actually working against getting back in shape? This is the case for many unsuspecting new moms.

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Itching During Pregnancy Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Most women know that with pregnancy comes many changes to their body. Classics are insatiable hunger, swelling, mood swings, weight gain and stretch marks. A little less known symptom, one which usually turns up in the second or third trimester, is itching.

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