The Last First – The End of an Era

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was sniffing the fresh, new-baby scent from the scalp of my oldest. Now, I am scalp-sniffing my last, who is no longer fresh and new. I can’t help but linger, still taking in the smell of her sweet little head.

Although I love each of my kids equally, I find myself holding on to each moment and each phase of life a little longer with my youngest.

Because she is my last.

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What Being A Parent Is Really Like

When your childless self envisions what being a parent will look like, you usually think of the blissful life you are sure to have. The kind of life you imagine families in commercials have. You think you will be prepared and embrace being a parent with all the patience, wisdom and understanding your parents didn’t have.

You read and read and read up on how to parent properly, so to speak. What to do and what not to do. You declare you won’t set bad habits for your baby. You will sleep when the baby sleeps. Dinner will be ready on the table every night when you’re off on maternity leave. Your child will never talk back to you because you will shut that shit down before it even starts.

You think…

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Returning To Work After Maternity Leave

I knew before I even started my maternity leave that returning to work was going to be more than my heart could handle. Today was my first day back to work after maternity leave and my heart and soul are aching. I sobbed more than I even anticipated I would. In fact, I blatantly avoided co-workers because talking about it made me tear up again.

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Diastasis Recti – Why Post-Pregnancy Exercising Can Cause More Damage

When a woman gets pregnant, the focus of every doctor appointment is obviously the health of the baby and mom. As the pregnancy progresses, so do the changes of her body.

So much emphasis is put on getting stretch marks and gaining weight that they seem to become the main focus around post-pregnancy self care. Women flock to buy stretch mark creams to diminish the look of stretch marks they received during their pregnancy. They eagerly await their 6 week check-up to get the go ahead to start working out and drop those extra pregnancy pounds.

But what if working out was actually working against getting back in shape? This is the case for many unsuspecting new moms.

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Itching During Pregnancy Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Most women know that with pregnancy comes many changes to their body. Classics are insatiable hunger, swelling, mood swings, weight gain and stretch marks. A little less known symptom, one which usually turns up in the second or third trimester, is itching.

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