Creative Easter Baskets That Aren’t Boring

Lately, I’ve been more interested in using my creative talents to plan holidays, birthday parties and even decorate my house. Easter is a great time to get creative. The seasons are changing, flowers are coming back into bloom and spring colors are always bright and cheery.

Filling gift baskets for the kids is one way to have fun. Creating unique baskets to fill can be fun too. I set out on a mission to think of a few new, creative baskets to fill for Easter. I’m a little obsessed with rustic decor, so obviously I had to make some rustic looking baskets.

This post is not for ideas of what to put in the baskets. You’ll notice the content in the baskets is the same for most of the photos.

Your local dollar store may have a large selection of buckets, pails and baskets. These are great for colorful and inexpensive baskets. I happen to have lots of different baskets and buckets in my house so if you have anything around the house, you could get a basket for free!

Simple, But Pretty

I purchased this metal bucket from the dollar store. I liked it, had no purpose for it, but had to have it. I’ve used it for a few different things, trying to find it’s place in my house. However, this is my favorite thing I’ve used it for so far. I also purchased the burlap from the dollar store.

This is another dollar store purchase. Baskets like this are great, because after Easter, you can easily find a spot for it. Alternatively, you could use a fabric bucket designed for cube shelving.

This basket was bought from Walmart. Yet another basket I had no plan for, but have found a few uses for. I think my husband has started to notice my impromptu purchases.

Bag It

Traditionally, Easter baskets are, well, baskets. Try mixing it up! The great part about using a bag is that depending on the bag, it is actually part of the gift!

A backpack may seem off season at Easter, but kids are kids. Sometimes they damage their bags and need new ones sooner than September. My daughter has a second, smaller bag she likes to use for an overnight bag. Other times we use it when we’re going places and she wants to carry her own stuff. Alternatively, you could use a kids luggage bag.

Using a purse is perfect if you have a tween or teen.

Keeping it super simple. Use a regular ‘ol gift bag. You can get all kinds of shapes, patterns and sizes.

Think Outside The Basket

Another idea where the holder is part of the gift. My youngest is a sitter. She just loves to sit. In stuff. On stuff. It’s a weird quirk. You could try doing this with a bean bag chair.

Easter is a perfect time to gift a new bike. The nice weather is here and the kids are finally getting back outside.

There are so many original, creative ways to package gifts for Easter. Take a look around your house for something you might already have. Have fun with it.

Do you have a fun or unique way you’ve made up an Easter basket?

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