What Being A Parent Is Really Like

When your childless self envisions what being a parent will look like, you usually think of the blissful life you are sure to have. The kind of life you imagine families in commercials have. You think you will be prepared and embrace being a parent with all the patience, wisdom and understanding your parents didn’t have.

You read and read and read up on how to parent properly, so to speak. What to do and what not to do. You declare you won’t set bad habits for your baby. You will sleep when the baby sleeps. Dinner will be ready on the table every night when you’re off on maternity leave. Your child will never talk back to you because you will shut that shit down before it even starts.

You think…

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“Keep Out Of Reach Of Children”

Until two nights ago, I thought we were safety oriented. I thought we kept a close eye on the kids and danger out of reach. Someone is always with the baby, my four year old is only out of sight for short increments while I step out of the room and my tween is old enough he doesn’t need to be told anymore what is safe.

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